A Healing Atmosphere

At Salt City Bodyworks, you’ll find a studio with a supportive atmosphere designed to help you on your healing journey. Choose from either of two therapy rooms for your therapeutic work.

Natural Light for Natural Healing

Clients often remark on the bright, spacious feeling of the studio’s front room. It features a high ceiling and a large, south-facing window that bathes the space with generous amounts of natural light—even through privacy blinds. Here we can sit across from each other in high-backed, cushioned chairs that allow for rocking. A ceiling fan, wall heater, and blankets ensure we can adjust the temperature to your preference. Filtered water and tea service are also provided.*

The Comfort of an Inner Sanctum Room

The studio’s central room offers a cozier, more secure feel. There are no windows which means we can easily adjust the lighting for sensitive eyes. Here you can recline in a zero-gravity chair, lay on a massage table, or sit on a cushioned floor mat. Whatever seating you choose, there are plenty of pillows and blankets* (including heated or weighted) to support you. For an even calmer atmosphere, you can opt to have soothing music play in the background. Heat packs and hot stones are also available for tense muscles, a looming headache, or simply to help you feel at ease. And for those who are sensitive to synthetic or chemical scents, the room features a high-end VOC air filter.

*COVID Accommodations

To help ensure the safety of all Salt City Bodyworks clients, you’ll be required to wear a mask during the session. Please note that I launder the blankets and clean heat packs and hot stones after each use. I also sanitize high-touch surfaces between each appointment. At this time the tea service is paused until further notice.

SCBW Covid Update

Masks are now required for in-person appointments. Zoom sessions continue to be an alternative where mask-wearing is not feasible.