The Link Between Childhood Trauma and Adult Health

I have worked with many clients over the years who came to Salt City Bodyworks feeling discouraged and confused. They had been living with significant health problems and had seen countless doctors and medical health professionals with little or no change in their symptoms. “I’m in chronic pain but my tests always come back ‘normal’” is a phrase I've heard countless times. Quite often this means the cause of the...
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What Does “Somatic” Mean: Part Two

In the previous blog post we explored how the word “psychosomatic” refers to the mind-body connection. Together the mind and body seek homeostasis—balance and stability. We maintain homeostasis by being able to feel when something is wrong so we can take action to correct it. Homeostasis works to ensure our mind-body’s number one goal: survival. Besides that, it just feels good. As trauma expert Bessel van der Kolk puts it,...
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What “Somatic” Means and Why You’d Want to Know

Years ago, when I was a newly enrolled massage therapy student, I noticed the word somatic in a class titled “Psycho-Somatic Principles.” Like most people, I’d heard that psychosomatic meant an illness that was “all in your head.” But beyond that, I didn’t know much. And I had no idea then that my passion for bodywork would eventually lead me to a degree in somatic psychology. This post begins a...
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Does Somatic Experiencing Really Work?

In this TED Talk, speaker and trainer Monica LeSage shares her experience with Somatic Experiencing. It was instrumental in the long road of her recovery from a major automobile accident over ten years ago. It's true there is no "one size fits all" approach to trauma healing. At the same time, Monica's story illustrates how well-positioned Somatic Experiencing is to treat the resulting symptoms of shock trauma. Her story may...
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What Is Somatic Experiencing?

“What is Somatic Experiencing?” You’ve probably asked yourself this question if you’ve been reading up on somatic ways to heal trauma. Most of us are familiar with traditional approaches to trauma healing like talk therapy or pharmaceuticals. Somatic approaches to mental health care like Somatic Experiencing (SE) are not as well known but on the rise. In this post I’ll explain how SE works, for what kinds of trauma it’s...
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Creating Lasting Change: Part Two

4 Ways to Create and Examine Lasting Change, Continued. Certain types of change cannot be efforted As New Year’s Day draws closer, I’m sitting down again to consider more aspects of creating personal change. In the post Creating Lasting Change: Part One, I explored how lasting change happens incrementally. It's also more likely to occur when motivated by authentic desire as opposed to an external agenda.  Part Two looks more...
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