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You feel most alive when our mind, body and psyche are connected. The effect of trauma—whether an accumulation of events or one sudden impact—flips the breaker switch between these parts to prevent overwhelm. This helps you survive. While critical in the short term, living in a disconnected fashion over time can deprive your life of its sense of meaning and depth. Salt City Bodyworks offers somatic approaches to heal trauma and support reconnection so you can transform from surviving to thriving.


The NeuroAffective Relational Model (NARM) is a somatic model created by Dr. Laurence Heller that facilitates healing from developmental trauma. NARM is not psychotherapy.

Somatic Support

Experience trauma healing with one-on-on-one somatic sessions. Salt City Bodyworks draws from a variety of body based traditions to offer you a customized approach to support you on your journey.

Somatic Experiencing®

Somatic Experiencing® (SE) is a body-based approach developed by Dr. Peter Levine to enhance regulation in the nervous system. It is designed to support recovery from the effects of shock trauma. SE is not psychotherapy.


$140 for 50 minutes
$225 for 80 minutes

This page is being updated as of 11/25. Thank you for your patience! In the meantime, click here for an introduction to NARM.

NARM principles are used by licensed and non-licensed professionals in many sectors of the helping and healing arts. Some of these include somatic practitioners, spiritual directors and clergy, health care professionals, educators, addiction specialists and mental health counselors.

Salt City Bodywork offers somatic trauma healing. Jenny Winkel is not a licensed mental health care professional.

Somatic Experiencing ®

$140 for 50 minutes
$225 for 80 minutes

SE is a somatic modality that is best suited for healing the effects of shock trauma.

This approach to enhancing nervous system regulation releases “trapped” fight or flight energy through any number of somatic (or “body”) experiences: trembling, tears, flushing, inhaling/exhaling, chills, “goose flesh”, yawning, stretching, sweating, etc.

The vagus nerve registers the discharge and sends the message to the brain that the danger is over. The brain then resets the nervous system from “fight or flight” to “rest and digest”. The discharge has to actually occur to be picked up by the vagus nerve. This is why it is called Somatic Experiencing.

If you are living with the effects of shock trauma, Somatic Experiencing may be a fit for you. Zoom consultations are available to learn more.

Somatic Experiencing is not psychotherapy. Jenny Winkel is not a licensed mental health care professional.

Somatic Support

$140 for 50 minutes

$225 for 

Somatic Support is a session of either NARM, Somatic Experiencing® or a combination of both. Sessions are both customized and collaborative based on your particular circumstances and what kind of change you want in your life.

You may wish to incorporate somatic touch for in-person appointments. If that’s the case, select Somatic Bodywork in the online scheduler. If you’d like more information before scheduling an appointment, Zoom consultations are available.

Salt City Bodyworks does not offer psychotherapy. Jenny Winkel is not a licensed mental health care professional.